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Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence at Work podcast focuses on innovative, cutting-edge Business, Learning, and HR topics that weaves current market research, technology, and industry leaders into each episode.

Excellence at Work Episode 238: The Future of Learning with LearnUpon

Speaker: Brendan Noud, Co-founder and CEO – LearnUpon Topics include: What were 2022’s big shifts in learning? Where are we heading? What trends will take center stage? What will the next phase of learning look like? What role will just-in-time learning play? Job and context-specific micro learning Bringing learning to the...

Excellence at Work Episode 237: McKinsey’s Insight on Talent Acquisition

Speakers:  Marie Padberg–Leader of Global Talent Attraction, McKinsey & Company Blair Ciesil–Leader of Global Talent Attraction, McKinsey & Company   Topics include: What is McKinsey doing to find highly skilled workers who have not gone through traditional routes? What is McKinsey doing to ensure its talent culture is both distinctive and inclusive, attracting...

Excellence at Work Episode 236: ETU & IBM Consulting- Learning Personalization at Scale

Speakers: Kelly McCrory-Lynch, Learning Strategist, IBM Consulting Dr. Thomas Lewis, Director, Learning Solutions, ETU Topics include: IBM’s consulting training program Why personalization is so important How can simulation enable personalization How ETU collaborated with IBM Consulting What impacts have been seen from the use of simulation and personalization in the learning program ...

Excellence at Work Episode 235: BTS Talks About Succession Planning

Topic: Succession planning for executives and leaders Speakers: Sarah Woods - Head of Office for BTS Boston Lisa Sprenkle – Executive Advisor and Consultant, BTS Boston Michael Lehman - Senior Director at BTS   Topics include: Defining succession planning Why do succession management processes for leaders fail? How can we ensure they thrive? What are...

Episode 234: The Value of Gamification

Speaker: Isobel Wallace, General Manager-Thinking Cap Topics include: The value of gamification The surprising benefits of gamification Considerations Implementation Gamification with an LMS Badges as a value-added element Strategies for success Thinking Cap’s unique approach Insights from Isobel’s journey And more! To read the Interview from the podcast with Isobel Wallace, download...

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