Episode 226: Frameworks and Actionables to Inculcate a Culture of Inclusion

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Episode 226: Frameworks and Actionables to Inculcate a Culture of Inclusion

Guests: Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa, Author – Apples & Oranges; Founder at LetsDRIVE; Proponent of Cognitive Diversity & Total Inclusion and Rajeev Menon, Author- Apples & Oranges|DEI proponent|Human Capital Measurement & Development| Sales & Product Strategy | Innovation | Cognitive Diversity & Total Inclusion | Board Member


To read the Executive Interview from the podcast with Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa & Rajeev Menon, download the pdf here: https://go.brandonhall.com/LetsDRIVE_EI_226


Topics include:

  • What are the common failure points/pitfalls that leaders and organizations fall into during DEI implementation?
  • What efforts don’t work?
  • How can the current approach to DEI in corporations be made better?
  • What is our approach / framework to DEI?
  • What comes first: Diversity or Inclusion OR the connection between them?
  • Insights from Varsha’s journey
  • Insights from Rajeev’s journey
  • And more!


Dr. Varsha Sreevatsa has dedicated her work to helping others with the belief that everyone should be treated fairly and equally. This started as she studied for her Ph.D. in Psychology and worked to create awareness of child rights. In her book “Apples & Oranges: A Practical Approach to Implement D&I For Organizations and Individuals,” Varsha and her co-author, Rajeev Menon, use everyday stories to explain that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential for the future of work.

Varsha recently founded LetsDRIVE, a consulting firm to help organizations introduce cognitive diversity and a culture of inclusion. Varsha has developed frameworks and assessments to measure and implement Cognitive Diversity and Total Inclusion strategies. She uses a conceptual framework and implementation to develop programs. For example, Varsha has delivered guest lectures on Building Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Southern California for students pursuing master’s in human resources, specializing in organizational change and development. Varsha has also led workshops on Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Impact during Covid Crisis and Decoding the Culture for multi-national organizations such as IBM and Infosys.

Varsha is currently consulting with the Foundation for Talent Transformation to create frameworks and quizzes to help individuals thrive by better understanding themselves, others and the future of work.

Rajeev Menon is an experienced product & innovation professional and a business strategist. He has been working in the area of Human Capital Measurement for over 16 years and is an elected board member of EAA (e-Assessment Association). He is also on the board of Snehadhara Foundation, a not-for-profit that uses the Arts as a medium for building an Inclusive Society for those with Mental Disabilities. At LetsDRIVE, he works to evangelize and consult on Cognitive Diversity and Total Inclusion. He brings insights on the conceptual framework, product design and consumer psychology to the global
audience. Rajeev also writes and consults on HR practices, technology & business and mentors startups. A student of people practices and interactions in organizations, he believes that technology will impact interactions very positively and help improve employee interconnections from transactional to collaborative.


About LetsDRIVE

Driving Cognitive Diversity and Inclusion @ Corporates. Unlike traditional outsourcing, we want to provide extraordinary value to our customers. Whether it’s by creating awareness about the difference they bring to the table or enabling them to practice an inclusive mindset with our in-house workshops and academy. We help corporates to provide an inclusive work environment with our frameworks and solutions. We are committed to empowering people and organizations for this cultural and personal change.

We are the pioneers in creating frameworks for Cognitive Diversity and Total Inclusion. LetsDRIVE is led by a purpose: to make an impact that matters. To enable corporates to experience real business impact of diverse thinking.


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  • Twitter: @LetsDRIVECDTI
  • Instagram – Letsdriveinclusion
  • LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/letsdrive/


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