Excellence at Work 218: Increasing Product Usage and Market Penetration with Extended Enterprise Learning

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Excellence at Work 218: Increasing Product Usage and Market Penetration with Extended Enterprise Learning

Guest: Anuj Pillai, Associate Director – Business Development, Harbinger Interactive Learning

Topics include:

  • What is an extended enterprise ecosystem?
  • Who is it for?
  • Why is learning important for extended enterprise?
  • What are the benefits of Extended Enterprise Learning?
  • What parameters should be kept in mind while implementing a successful extended enterprise learning strategy?
  • What are some of the recommended solutions for organizations planning to implement an extended enterprise strategy?
  • What are the challenges of implementing an extended learning enterprise strategy?
  • How do you measure the ROI of extended enterprise learning?
  • Insights from Anuj’s journey
  • And more!

To read the Interview from the podcast with Anuj Pillai, download the pdf here: https://go.brandonhall.com/Harbinger_Int_218.

Anuj intends to transform workplaces with eLearning. He is curious about the future of learning and the use of technology in learning and development. Has 15 years of experience predominantly in selling eLearning and technology services, he works with clients to create a measurable impact in their organization to ultimately optimize costs and drive revenue growth. He is a solution-oriented business development professional who aims at offering a wide range of possibilities for various use cases.

Harbinger Interactive Learning is a global design and development company specializing in eLearning modernization and custom eLearning solution development. they have over 30 years of experience in delivering innovative learning solutions for various verticals like publishing, life sciences, BFSI, retail, and high-tech.

As an end-to-end provider of eLearning design and development services, Harbinger blends creativity and technology to drive learning effectiveness in an affordable fashion. We offer a range of services, including eLearning modernization, virtual instructor-led training, AR/VR and AI in eLearning, learning technology development, and learning experience design.

Harbinger also provides cutting-edge eLearning solutions, which include Flash to HTML5 transformation, gamification framework, micro-learning, interactive video, and competency-based learning. Harbinger works with its strategic partners worldwide to develop innovative, high-performing learning solutions.

For more information about Harbinger Interactive Learning, visit harbingerlearning.com.

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