HCMx Radio 176: Using Design Thinking for Human-Centered Learning Design

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HCMx Radio 176: Using Design Thinking for Human-Centered Learning Design

Guest: Anjali Kolhatkar, Senior Learning Architect at DelphianLogic Technologies

Anjali Kolhatkar is a senior Learning Architect with cumulative experience of over 14 years in the field of corporate and organizational learning solutions, spanning instructional design, curriculum development, learning consulting, team management, leadership and mentoring and continuous learning and innovation. She has a bachelor’s degree in Education and postgraduate degrees in Clinical Psychology and Counselling and Psychotherapy. In the last two decades, she has worked on hundreds of projects with Fortune 500 companies and global non-governmental and social development organizations. Her expertise encompasses learning consulting, designing large, blended curricula, web-based training, microlearning, videos, instructor-led training, and live virtual classroom sessions. More recently, she turned her focus toward human-centered learning design.

About DelphianLogic

DelphianLogic’s passionate team of experts and innovative thinkers lead the way to deliver best-in-class solutions that drive results. Our commitment to quality and implementing industry best practices has helped us improve our services to our clients continuously. Our steadfast and tenacious team is made up of technology experts, specialist developers, instructional designers and visual designers. Through their energy and unrivaled expertise in the technology and learning domain, Delphianlogic has built tailored solutions and services for clients to meet their every requirement as they strive to produce highly skilled, confident and productive staff.

Topics include:

  • Why is the audience important?
  • When designing a learning program, how do you consider the needs of the business versus the needs of the audience?
  • What challenges are there to successful instructional design?
  • What is human-centered instructional design?
  • How does design thinking facilitate human-centered instructional design?
  • How and why was the resulting design more effective and human-centered than a solution designed using traditional approaches?
  • How did you measure success?
  • What are some of DelphianLogic’s critical initiatives and programs underway for the remainder of 2021?
  • How has DelphianLogic adapted to the new way of working? How has it impacted instructional design?
  • Insights from AnjaIi’s journey
  • And more!

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