HCMx Radio 191: Enabling Performance in Today’s Dynamic Workforce

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HCMx Radio 191: Enabling Performance in Today’s Dynamic Workforce

Guests: Debbie Gower, Senior Director at Conduent

Debbie Gower is a Senior Director with Conduent Learning Solutions for over 6.5 years. She is responsible for the Content Design and Curation offerings and account leadership. Before Conduent, Debbie spent most of her career as a leader in Ernst & Young’s Human Capital practice assisting clients to address broad people needs resulting from organization operations, transaction or transformation events. Debbie brings a business and performance solution mindset when consulting with clients that draws from considerable financial, risk and operational experiences gained during her career. She received her B.S. in Accounting from the University of Delaware.

Conduent is the world’s largest provider of diversified business services with leading capabilities in digital processing, automation, and analytics. Conduent’s business services touch millions of lives every day. Whether it’s digital payments, claims processing, benefit administration, automated tolling, regulatory compliance or distributed learning, Conduent optimizes and modernizes these interactions to create value for both their clients and their constituents.

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Topics include:

  • What are the trends of workforce enablement? 
  • What makes high-performing companies stand out?
  • What is their key focus?
  • What do high-performing companies do to shape the experience of their workforce?
  • How do we impact the ability of employees to learn and perform? 
  • What are L&D’s priorities going into 2022?
  • How Conduent evolved
  • Content and Knowledge Management
  • Internal marketing
  • Policy and governance
  • Compliance-orientated vs. forward-thinking organizations
  • “Content chaos”
  •  Knowledge doesn’t always equal performance.
  • The power of performance objectives
  • Insights from Debbie’s journey
  • And more!

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