HCMx Radio 194: Looking Ahead: How to Develop an Effective L&D Strategy in 2022

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HCMx Radio 194: Looking Ahead: How to Develop an Effective L&D Strategy in 2022

Guest: Asha Pandey, founder and Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design

Asha Pandey is the Founder and Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design. She heads the organization’s Solution Architecting and Innovation mandates. Asha also heads EI Design’s Learning and Performance Consulting practice. She brings in her experience of nearly 2 decades to help EI Design customers in their digital transformation of learning, training impact measurement, and learning culture transformation. A regular writer for various global Learning forums, Asha is one of the most recognized thought leaders in the industry. She also shares her insights regularly on a range of topics on her blog.

About EI Design

As a learning experience design company, EI Design partners with its customers in their Digital Transformation journey. EI Design helps them deliver high-impact Learning and Performance Support solutions that offer a high engagement quotient, drive employee performance and deliver high ROI for the Learner, Business and Organization. EI Design’s Virtual and Self-paced Online Trainings offer the “triad of value” to its customers by creating “sticky” learning experiences, enabling effective application on the job and lastly, driving change in thinking and behavioral change. With a rich 18 years of experience, EI Design has enhanced its portfolio to offer Learning and Performance Consulting services. This marks EI Design’s transition from being a successful learning strategy and solutions company to becoming a knowledge leader and a learning experience strategic consultant. EI Design was honored with 17 Brandon Hall Group 2021 Excellence Awards.

Our discussion is a follow-up to the webinar: Looking Ahead: How to Develop an Effective L&D Strategy in 2022

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Topics include:

  • What is an L&D audit?
  • How do you conduct an L&D audit?
  • What is the best time for an L&D audit?
  • How often should audits be performed?
  • How can organizations take the results of an audit and turn them into action?
  • What kind of role can an external strategic partner play?
  • For L&D, what worked and what didn’t in 2021?
  • Reassessing and moving forward
  • Taking a holistic approach
  • Learning strategies to support the business
  • The importance of a learner needs analysis
  • What keeps companies from moving forward
  • Employee experience as part of the equation
  • Insights from Asha’s journey
  • And more!

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